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Ranch Activities


Things to Do On the Ranch

Vacation is about disconnecting from work and responsibilities to reconnect with each other. Our rugged Western landscapes are the perfect setting to improve your relationships with an array of activities that will make everlasting memories.


Imagine leather straps creaking as you sway through the fresh mountain air and 360-degree vistas. The steady clopping of hooves.

The sounds of the wind in the trees and birdsong in the air.

The crackle of a fire cooking your lunch on a soaring mountaintop.

Only at Bill Cody Ranch can you experience the West so purely in this crowd-pleasing activity.


Kick back and let our Western cooking (and hospitality) wash over you.

Come eat breakfast with us from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the main lodge.

Or snag dinner from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If you're joining us on a Saturday night, plan on an outdoor barbecue.

Dining is open to guests and the general public.

Our Saddlesore Saloon is open in the evenings and whenever you ask.

Check out our all-inclusive packages if you'd like all meals included with your stay. A campfire-cookout lunch is included on our four-hour and all-day horseback rides.

If you're going into Yellowstone or planning a hike, we can pack a picnic lunch for you.


Fly Fishing the Shoshone River

Feel the flow of the Shoshone River. Hear the waters churning by on their way out of Yellowstone. Toss a perfect cast into a deep hole and angle for that trophy trout.

Enjoy the area's blue-ribbon water and some of the best fishing in North America. A short walk or drive from the ranch will get you to prime waters. Depending on the season, different parts of the Shoshone River are open for fishing.

Want to fish on your own? Purchase a fishing license at a nearby convenience store or online at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  Feel free to borrow our fishing equipment at the lodge.

For guided fishing trips, we recommend the Wyoming Trout Guides.



Kick up some trail dust for the time of your life.

With many trails starting right from the ranch and connecting into a honeycomb of 940 miles of trails in the Shoshone National Forest, you'll never feel like you have time to explore it all.

Heck, even us locals have a hard time getting to everything on offer.

Whether you want to summit a dramatic mountain or hike through Western canyon oases, you'll find views to remember from the ranch.


Horseshoes and Roping

Your dude ranch stay wouldn't be complete without a game of horseshoes.

This classic favorite is complemented by kids' favorite roping, which most adults also want to give a swing on our dummy steers.

You'll be a regular ranch hand in no time!

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