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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Lasso up some answers.


About the Ranch

We have two dogs; Cali and Stetson. We have 72 horses, all with different names and personalities!

2019 was our first year as owners!

This ranch has been here since 1925. This ranch, originally called the Lazy Bar H Ranch, was the first to have running water and electricity on the North Fork.

The land is all owned by the United States Forest Service. We have a leasing agreement with them, which means we must abide by their laws at all times.


About the Horses

There is a pasture located on the South Fork. There the horses are taken care of and fed until we retrieve them in May.

The United States Forest Service regulations maintain that we set weight limits. For four hour rides, all riders must be under 250 pounds. Riders must be under 275 pounds for two-hour rides.

All riders must be at least six years of age for the safety of other riders and our horses.

Our trails and wranglers work with riders of all experience levels! It’s normal to be nervous but our horses are gentle and friendly, and our wranglers are all experienced and informative. They will work to ensure that you enjoy your trail ride.

In order to ensure comfort and safety for your ride, you will want to wear jeans or long pants and closed-toe shoes. Hiking boots, however, often have thick soles and can get hung up in the stirrups. All hats and cameras need to be secured when riding. We ask that you do not wear flowing clothing. This can startle the horses if it comes into their eyesight.

Due to the nature of the trail ride and the rocky terrain, the horses generally stay at a walk. They will stay in a single file line. The scenery is so beautiful you will want to take the time to see it all.

As long as you book your ride at least a day in advance, you should not have a problem reserving a horseback ride upon arrival. If you plan to ride the day or evening of your arrival, please let us know so that we can arrange to have the proper horses prepared for you.


About your Reservation

Yes! Give us a call at the front desk, and we will assist you in booking your stay so that your vacation can include a combination of package days and nightly rates. 

Cody airport is just 30 minutes from our location. Billings, Montana is the second closest airport at 100 miles away. Some people choose to make total Western Vacations out of their trips and will even fly into Denver or Salt Lake City.

While you can join us for breakfast and dinner, we do not serve lunch in the lodge. However, if you need of a pack lunch please let us know in advance, and we are able to provide a simple picnic lunch. If you are going on the four-hour trail ride, lunch will be provided. 

We do not have laundry facilities available for our guests. However, there are laundry services available in Cody as well as at a nearby RV park.

Yes, each cabin has at least one hair dryer. 

Our front desk closes at 9 pm. If you are arriving after 9 pm, please call in advance. We are happy to make arrangements for a late check-in.

The vacation package includes the cost of your room, breakfast, a 4-hour trail ride with lunch on the trail, and dinner. 

Upon booking your cabin, a 50% deposit will be due.

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your stay with us, you can cancel up to 14 days of your arrival with a $75 cancellation fee. If you need to cancel within the 45 days prior to arrival, your deposit will be forfeited. However, if there are dates that work better for you, we are happy to apply your deposit to a future reservation.

We do not have air conditioning in the cabins. At night, the temperature drops and generally provides a very comfortable sleeping temperature. We also have fans if you need them. 

Upon entering the ranch, you will no longer have cell service. You will, however, get service just outside the ranch on the main road. 

For guided fly fishing we recommend Wyoming Trout Guides. Visit their website.

If you are looking to just do some fishing without a guide, we have a fishable creek on our property and the river is very close. Once you purchase your fishing license, you are free to fish it as long as it is has been “opened” by Wyoming Game and Fish. We have fishing poles you can borrow on the premises.

For more information about fishing, or other activities, see our activities page.

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